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Indian Remy Hair FAQs
What is the difference between Virgin Indian Remy Hair and Indian Remy Hair?
100% virgin indian remy hair is hair that has not been chemically treated, it is all natural. There are no permanent/semi-permanent colors, perms, or relaxers used to alter the color, texture or curl pattern of the hair.  To prevent tangling, all the hairs are placed with the cuticles in the same direction. This can also be called cuticle hair.  Indian remy hair is still quality indian hair, however the cuticles are not aligned, which can cause tangling or matting.  We highly recommend our Virgin Remy hair textures over Remy hair.

What does the Natural Black hair color look like?
Our virgin natural black color is between a #1B and a #2 in color.  Natural Black is lighter than a #1B in color, and a little darker than a #2.  If you want an exact color, please order a specific color for your Virgin hair.  The colored Virgin hair is still considered Virgin hair with the cuticles aligned, only it will be the exact color you require.

What if I have a question about your hair?
If you have questions concerning any Lovely Hair product, you can contact us via phone, email or live chat online.

Do you ship outside of the United States?
Yes, we currently ship Domestically inside the U.S. as well as Internationally, only to Canada and Mexico. 

What will happen after I place my order?
After you place your order, you’ll receive an email with your confirmation receipt and order ID. Once your order is successfully placed, your order must be processed.  All of the items we carry are handcrafted & customized for each individual client.  So please be patient & allow time for your products to be expertly crafted and shipped directly to you!   For order processing times, please refer to our Policies Page. Once your hair has finished processing, your Remy Hair will ship within 1 business day.  We use FedEx for our shipping.

How much is shipping?
Our shipping is based upon your zip code and the weight of your package.  In order to get an accurate shipping rate for your order, add your items to cart and you will be able to view the shipping amount before checkout.  For shipping rate estimates and times, please refer to our Policies Page.

Can Lovely Hair be used for braiding?
Yes, Lovely Hair offers Virgin Remy and Indian Remy hair in bulk, which can be used for braiding.  You can order our bulk hair as a custom extension order.

Can I color the hair?
Yes, you can color the virgin Natural Black hair because the cuticle is live, so the hair can be colored and highlighted. To be sure you get the color you want, we suggest that you do a patch test first, and allow your professional stylist to color it for you.  We do not recommend coloring the colored hair, as it has already been processed for color.

How long can I wear Lovely Hair?
Lovely Hair can be worn anywhere from a year to two years, with proper maintenance and care. The key to wearing your hair this long is to make sure you take care of the hair by washing and conditioning it regularly with quality shampoos and conditioners.

Do you sell wholesale?
Yes, we offer wholesale pricing for stylists and businesses.  Please contact us via email for more information.

How many packs of hair will I need to do an entire head?
The amount of hair you'll need will depend on the style you’re creating. For a partial weave, you’ll only need 1 pack of hair. For a full weave, you'll need 1.5 to 2 packs of hair.  For a full-head sew-in weave, you’ll need 2 to 3 packs, depending on how thick you want your hair to be. Most full weaves require 2 packs.

Does your hair come in Wet and Wavy?
Our Virgin indian remy hair comes in natural curly and wavy textures.  You can order our custom wavy textures, which wave up when wet. 

Does the straight hair get curly when wet?
If you wet the straight Virgin Indian Remy Hair, it has a natural wave pattern, but it is not "wavy" or "curly" like the wavy and curly hair we offer.

How long is the curly hair in its natural curly state?
The curly hair wefts and wigs appear about 2 - 3 inches shorter in their natural curly state, but they measure the full length of inches requested when stretched or straightened.  However, we at Lovely Hair always give you an extra 2-3 inches of length with all of our Virgin Indian Remy hair in case you would like to trim it (not applicable to our Remy Indian Hair).  Please view our hair length chart.

Do you have a money back guarantee?
Due to the nature of our products, we do not offer refunds, due to sanitary reasons.  Please ensure you try our sample products and make sure your orders are accurate.  Please refer to our Policies Page for more info. 

If I order one pack of hair, exactly how much hair do I get?
Our packs of hair weigh 1/4 pound, or 4 oz, the standard weight for one pack of hair.   Lovely Hair is one of the only companies that guarantees you receive exactly 4 ounces of hair (or more!) in each pack!  Other companies offer anywhere between 3.5 - 4 oz. of hair, so you take a gamble when you purchase indian remy hair from other companies.  We promise to give our customers their money's worth, and nothing less! 

What are your hours of operation?
We are open Monday through Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.  

Do you accept checks and money orders?
We do accept money orders, but not personal checks. To pay by money order, send an email with your order request and the total amount you plan to send via money order.  Then place your money order in the mail.  You will receive your hair once we receive your money order in the mail.

What payment options are available?
We currently accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, and money orders. We also accept payment via PayPal.
Where do you ship your products from?
Our products are shipped from our office in the Austin, TX area.
How long will it take for my order to be shipped? 
We ship all orders within 1-2 business days after production has been completed. Production/processing can take between 2 -3 weeks for extensions and 4 - 8 weeks for lace wigs.  For order processing times, please refer to our Policies Page.
What if I made a mistake in my order?
No problem – we all make mistakes. If you discover a mistake in your order, e-mail us immediately, within 4-8 hours to let us know, and we’ll try to fix it right away.  If your products have already been processed, we won't be able to change the order.  It will be shipped as ordered.  Please ensure your order is accurate.

Is it safe to order online?
Yes it is. We use the latest in 128-bit encryption technology for all order processing. All of the data entered on our protected web pages is encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.
Will my personal information be passed on to third parties?
No. You have our word that your personal information will never be passed on to third parties, sold or rented.

If I'm not 100% happy with my Remy Indian Hair purchase, how can I get a refund?
Due to the nature of our products, we do not offer refunds.  Please refer to our Policies Page for details. 

How can I purchase Virgin Indian Remy hair from Lovely Hair?
It's easy to place your order today. Simply visit our Products Page, choose the length and color you want, and your hair will be on its way to you in no time!

What is a full lace wig?
A full lace wig is manufactured with a cap and a thin lace sewn on top of the cap.  Individual hairs are then sewn into the thin lace.  A full lace wig is made with lace all around the unit which requires that the lace be trimmed all around the unit.  You will be cutting a hairline around your entire head.  By doing so, you can wear your hair anyway you like; ponytails, up-dos, etc.  Think about it, with the wig, you have just cut yourself a new hairline around your entire head. Once the unit is applied, you will have on a full hair wig; but the front, sides, and back of the hair wig will not be like a regular wig.  The wig will appear that all of the hair is growing directly from your head.

What is the difference between a lace front wig and a full lace wig?
The term 'full lace' denotes that the base cap is made fully of lace, while 'lace front' wigs have lace in front and different materials at the back of the cap. The hair on all of our lace wigs is hand-tied. We sell full lace wigs, lace front wigs and lace frontals.  You can also purchase a 'lace frontal' hair piece that can be used with weaving wefts. With this arrangement, the wefts are glued or sewn into one's hair and the lace frontal applied only at the hairline.

Can I wear lace wigs if I have a full head of hair?
Yes!  You can braid/cornrow, twist, wrap, or flatten your hair to prepare for application. The main objective is to get your hair as flat as possible for the most natural look.

Is it really undetectable?
Once applied correctly our wigs are very undetectable. Others may not even believe you if you told them that you were wearing a wig!

Do I have to use adhesives to wear my wig?
No- the bobby pin method will work just fine also (using bobby pins to attach wig to your own hair). You can also have clip combs attached to your wig or have it made with an adjustable strap or a full stretch cap. It really will depend on your circumstances and lifestyle. Some clients like to remove their wigs on a daily basis and find that pinning it down is convenient even though it allows for less styling options. Others may want to maximize the length of hold and their styling options by applying the wig on their heads' full perimeter with adhesives. The best adhesive for you will depend on your body's chemistry.

Can I wear the wig behind my hairline?
Yes, many of our clients do- especially ones with smaller foreheads who cannot afford the room to apply the wig in front of their natural hairline. You can clip it behind your hairline, but we do not recommend using glue behind your natural hairline.

How long will my wig last?
The life of your wig will depend on your use and care of it. If handled properly, it should last you about 12 months before needing hair added or a repair. If used as your main form of hair replacement and you are using daily, it is realistic to expect it to last 6-8 months before needing a repair or hair added.

How long can I wear my wig at one time?
Your extended wear will depend on what adhesives you use, your body chemistry and how your skin responds to the adhesives, and how frequently you wish to re-apply. We stress that it is important for you to be mindful of your hair and scalp condition underneath during extended wear. Most clients achieve a 1-4 week hold with the right adhesive, washing and nurturing their own hair in between applications. If you are bald or have significant hair loss, you are likely to achieve a much longer hold.

Can I swim in it or play sports?
Yes, you can exercise in your wig if you apply with an adhesive that works with your body chemistry and can withstand this type of activity. We recommend trying out an adhesive before that vacation to make sure that it is working out right for you!

Can the hair be flat ironed or curled?
The hair is 100% human hair that can withstand household styling tools such as curling irons and flat irons. You can wash, set, and style the wig as you would your own hair. But like your natural hair, the hair can get damaged with the misuse and overuse of products.

Can I have a style or color made that is not currently shown on your website?
Yes, we offer custom extensions and wigs at reasonable prices. You may order custom wigs and hair extensions on our site.  Click the following link to order custom lace wigs, and the following link to order custom hair extensions.

Can I dye the hair?
The Virgin Indian Remy hair is the best hair for dying, since it has not undergone any chemical processing whatsoever.  However the Indian Remy hair has already undergone processing for hair color and possibly hair texture.  So, we do not recommend any further processing of the Indian Remy hair if it has already been dyed and processed. Further, only experienced colorists should attempt to color the hair. Remember that though the hair is 100% human hair, it is just as prone to damage from excessive processing as your own hair. We cannot and will not be responsible for the results.

Can I wear my lace wig in a high ponytail?
Yes, you can wear your wig in a high ponytail once you apply around your full perimeter with adhesives. You will need a cap construction that is made with lace around the perimeter.

Can I part my lace wig and where can lace wigs be parted?
Our lace wigs can be parted anywhere on the cap. If you are covering your hair, the trick is to have your parts look natural by either wearing a stocking or wig cap that is close to your skin's color. Some clients can even get a natural looking part without wearing a wig cap.
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